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Our Construction Services


Our aim is to be your first choice for all your construction needs:


A major part of our business is the laying of concrete. We can handle all types of concreting projects from industrial concrete surfaces, roads, large telecom phone mast bases to small concrete plinths. We can provide concrete reinforcing and advise on mix strength for best outcome and high-quality finish.

Telecom Industry Specialists

Due to our years of experience in the Telecom sector, Acon Limited have become Telecom Industry specialists. We always finish every variety of telecom industrial site with professionalism and to a high standard.

HGV Hiab & Lifting

Here, at Acon Limited, we have our own Hiab Wagon, with reaches from 11m-16m. These give us flexibility and a guarantee to handle a wide variety of tasks, including delivery of materials to and from site in a timely and proficient manner.



Acon Limited have carried out a multitude of excavations with our team of experienced and reliable machine operators.


Our experienced and professional team can handle all types of drainage installation.

Access Roads

The team at Acon Limited have installed a wide range of access roads to the highest standard.

Steel Fixings

Our team are experienced with steel rebar and cages - steel fixings at the root of all our quality concreting.


High Level Rope Access

Along with our sister company Lightning Protection Services, we can provide fully qualified personnel for high level rope access with both BS22846 and IRATA qualifications.

Mast and Towers

At Acon Ltd we have a team of fully qualified mast and tower climbers who have passed there Fit To Climb medicals and are trained in Radiofrequency (RF) Awareness and Tower Rescue.

Rooftop Access

All Acon Personnel are fully certified in rooftop working, asbestos awareness, Radiofrequency (RF) and Emergency First Aid. We also have vast experience of a multitude of rooftop sites, from inner Church spires to modern flat rooftops.


ATV Access

At Acon Limited we own a variety of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) which means that even hard to reach sites can be easily accessible for our team.

Building / Renovations

Whether upgrading a site, or carrying out standard maintenance, our team have the experience and qualifications for a vast array of tasks when building and renovating.

Joinery/ Forming

Acon Limited offer a range of skills and knowledge in this area - from basic joinery to the more complicated forming of shuttering concrete.


From standard stock fence to industrial chain-link, Acon Ltd work closely with clients and suppliers to ensure we can supply and deliver the highest quality finish on all fences.